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USB 3.0 Flash Drive Speed Tests - VID = 1f75, PID = 621

Welcome to Speed Tests Web site for USB 3.0 Flash Drives/Disks.
In this page, you can find the speed test results of USB 3.0 flash drives or disks, made by USBDeview utility. USBDeview make this test by writing a large file into the USB drive, and then reading back the same file to getting the read speed. The speed is calculated and displayed in Megabytes per second (MB/Sec). Be aware that all these tests are made by making a sequential read and write operations of a single file. When you use multiple small files, you'll probably get much lower read/write performances.

If you want to test the read/write speed of your own USB drives and share the results with other people, you can follow the instructions in this page: Test and publish the speed of your USB flash drive.

There is also a summary page, which contains a summary of speed tests for USB drives that accumulated 5 speed tests or more.

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Some Remarks

To more easily compare the speed of USB flash drives, you can filter the list according to drive size group:

1 GB or less 2 GB Group 4 GB Group 8 GB Group
16 GB Group 32 GB Group 64 GB Group Larger than 64 GB

Product NameVendor NameDrive SizeVIDPIDRead SpeedWrite SpeedSubmitter
Innostor Ext. HDD USB Device 465.76 GB1f7562171.15 MB/Sec39.46 MB/Sec 
Innostor Ext. HDD USB Device 931.51 GB1f7562194.64 MB/Sec64.10 MB/Sec 
Hitachi HTS723232L9A360 USB Device 296.92 GB1f7562179.02 MB/Sec50.62 MB/Secmidacre
Hitachi HTS723232L9A360 USB Device 296.92 GB1f7562172.12 MB/Sec35.18 MB/Secmidacre
Hitachi HTS723232L9A360 USB Device 296.92 GB1f7562176.92 MB/Sec35.17 MB/Secmidacre
Hitachi HTS723232L9A360 USB Device 296.92 GB1f7562179.02 MB/Sec35.83 MB/Secmidacre
Hitachi HTS723232L9A360 USB Device 296.92 GB1f7562179.02 MB/Sec39.25 MB/Secmidacre
ST950032 5AS USB Device 368.06 GB1f7562156.00 MB/Sec30.05 MB/Sec 
ST500LT0 12-1DG142 USB Device 465.76 GB1f7562192.88 MB/Sec45.36 MB/Sec 
TOSHIBA MQ02ABF050H USB Device 465.76 GB1f75621104.77 MB/Sec35.55 MB/Sec Ext.HDD USB Device 1,863.01 GB1f7562178.95 MB/Sec7.75 MB/Sec 
Innostor Ext. HDD USB Device 0.19 GB1f7562191.46 MB/Sec59.37 MB/Secbax
Insignia 2.5sATA Encl-USB3.0 1TB 931.51 GB1f75621144.00 MB/Sec117.49 MB/Sec 
ST1000LM 024 HN-M101MBB USB Device 931.51 GB1f7562197.61 MB/Sec38.66 MB/Sec 
Innostor Ext. HDD USB Device (F) 698.63 GB1f7562165.45 MB/Sec17.04 MB/Sec 
WDC WD50 00LPVT-35G33T0 USB Device 465.30 GB1f7562180.00 MB/Sec84.67 MB/SecBossknox
Innostor Ext. HDD USB Device 1,397.25 GB1f75621130.81 MB/Sec69.44 MB/SecToni
DH Ext. HDD USB Device 16.16 GB1f756216.77 MB/Sec18.05 MB/Sec 
WDC WD10 JUCX-63WPNY0 USB Device 922.19 GB1f75621115.24 MB/Sec115.24 MB/Sec 
2.5" Ext HD 3.0USB - ST1000LM 035-1RK172 USB Device 931.50 GB1f7562197.61 MB/Sec125.17 MB/Sec 

Total number of records: 20